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The Commission Process

SedonaSundancePhotoforCommissionPage SedonaSundance

(L) Source photo for Sedona & Sundance
(R) Final painting

The painting's owners are delighted with the likenesses of their beloved dogs. I am additionally pleased with abstract elements such as heightened color and value, enhanced patterns of sunlight, and shapes repeated in twos, threes, fours, fives, sixes, and sevens.

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The Commission Process

1. You let me know the subject matter you want painted, your size requirements, and any other considerations that you deem important or helpful.

Note: Your input on content and purpose – everything from which subjective elements to be sure to include to the mood you want the painting to convey – is an integral part of the commission process.

2. We work together to determine your painting’s dimensions, time frame, and source material (in most cases, your own nonprofessional, non-copyrighted photo, in digital or hard copy).

3. Once we agree on the above, I send you a confirming contract to sign and return along with a check or money order for 50% of the agreed price of the painting. This 50% represents a nonrefundable deposit.

4. When the painting is completed, I e-mail you an image for your final approval, after which you remit payment for the balance of the painting price (and, for Maryland state residents, 6% sales tax) plus shipping, handling & insurance.

Note: You can opt to approve the painting in person, and to pick it up and pay for it at that time. If you choose this option, you save shipping, handling & insurance charges but are responsible for paying Maryland sales tax of 6% no matter what your state of residence.

5. Upon receipt of your final payment, I ship the painting and provide you with detailed tracking information.

6. Click on Terms of Sale link below for additional details.





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